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MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    • MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021
    • MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021
    • MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021
    • MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021
  • MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    Product Details:

    Place of Origin: China
    Brand Name: Jiamparts
    Certification: ISO9001:2008
    Model Number: HX83

    Payment & Shipping Terms:

    Minimum Order Quantity: 1
    Price: USD1048.00/Pieces
    Packaging Details: Neural packing
    Payment Terms: L/C, , D/A, D/P, T/T, Western Union,Pay Pal
    Supply Ability: 2000pcs/week
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    Detailed Product Description
    Product Name: Turbocharger,Turbo, Turbo Kit Part Num: 3594195/3594196/4025027
    Core: FOR 3594195/3594196/4025027 Application: CUMMINS ISX QSX15
    Material: K418 Quality Warranty: 12Months
    Balancing: Dynanic Balancing Classic Application: CUMMINS POWERGEN

    Jiamparts Promotions Holset Turbocharger_HE431V_4045933_3781176_4045933_For_CUMMINS_ISL_STEYR_MILITARY_VARIOUS


    • Jiamparts also can supply turbo parts as follows: Shaft & wheel, Compressor wheel, Cartridge (CHRA), Repair kits, Thrust collar & spacer, Journal bearing, Thrust bearing, Piston ring, Compressor housing, Compressor housing, Bearing housing, Turbine housing, Turbine housing adapter, Back plate (seal plate, insert), Heat shield, Actuator, Oil deflector, V-band, Shaft nut, Gasket, Nozzle Ring, seal, Etc...

     MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021

    MAZDA BT-50 ENGINE (VJ38) Car Turbocharger RHV4 VFD20021



    QA:ISO9001:2008 QC:DMAIC

    Highly Competitive Sales Price

    OEM standard

    Gold Aftersale service

    12 month the quality guarantee.


    • You can use Google to search for Jiamparts, visit our official website for more information




    • About Jiamparts
      • Jiamparts is an independent professional turbocharger and turbocharger spare parts manufacturer.
      • Integrity, change and enthusiasm are the values of Jiamparts.
      • Jiamparts'core competitiveness from Integrity, Quality and Focuses.
    • About QA QC
      • Our working groups have been providing our customers with high quality and competitive price products.
      • At the same time, our products have passed ISO9001:2008 Certification.
      • ISO/TS 16949 in the authentication process.
      • The cycle DMAIC "Define->Measure->Analyze->Improve ->Control" is the way Jiamparts works.
    • About the Price
      • Jiamparts FOB pricing for only costs and very low profit.
      • Freight pricing ,jiamparts promise to send goods in lowest price from Beijing .Jiamparts cannot get any profit from freight.
    • Jiamparts can also provide Not only that. :
      Application Engine Model Pats Number
      Jiampartsidua BCY BITURBO 450HP Jiampartsidua K04-2275EYE 6 88_53049880029
      Jiampartstac 3406E Jiampartstac GT5002_701756-5001S
      Jiampartstac 3406E Jiampartstac S410G_0R7223
      Jiampartssnimmuc 6BTAA160 Jiampartssnimmuc HX35W_4050060
      Jiampartssnikrep 4 4L GT2556S 785827-22
      Jiampartssnikrep VISTA 6 EPA TIER GT3267 741641-5001S
      Jiampartstluaner G9T 720 90HP Jiampartstluaner GT1549_720244-5002S
      Jiampartstluaner F9Q 2000 100HP Jiampartstluaner GT1549S_7511134774
      Jiampartssnikrep 1006 S2B 312311
      Jiampartssnikrep T4 236 4L 3860CC TA0315 466778-5001
      Jiampartssnikrep JCB TB2571 452181-0001
      Jiampartstac 3406 DITA TV8112 465332-0008
    • There ...
      • Jiamparts also can supply turbo parts as follows:Repair kit,Cartridge,Gasket,Compressor wheel,Turbine wheel,Rotor shaft,Compressor housing,Turbine housing,Thrust bearing,Journal bearing,Thrust collar,O-ring seal,Etc...
      • Jiamparts are professional because Jiamparts focuses.


    Item Aplication Engine Model Turbo Model Part No
    1 HINO BUS HINO J05C-TF GT3271S 704409-0001;704409-1;704409-5001
    2 HINO EARTH MOVING HINO J05E-TA GT2259LS 761916-0009
    3 KOBELCO SK250-8 HINO JO5E-TG GT2259LS 761916-0006;761916-5006;761916-6
    4 KOBELCO SK350-8 HINO J08 GT3271LS 764267-0001;764267-1;764267-5001
    5 HINO HINO J08C TBP430 479031-0003;479031-3;479031-5003;479031-5003A
    6 HINO BUS HINO T08C 8L TBP431 479039-0002;479039-2;479039-5002;479039-5002S;750852-0001;750852-1;750852-5001;750852-5001S
    7 HINO HIGHWAY TRUCK HINO J08C GT3576 479016-0001;479016-5001
    8 HINO HIGHWAY TRUCK HINO J08C GT3576 750849-0001;750849-1;750849-5001
    9 HINO HIGHWAY TRUCK HINO J08C GT3576 479016-0002;479016-2;479016-5002
    10 HINO HIGHWAY TRUCK HINO J08C GT3576 479016-0003;479016-3;479016-5003
    11 HINO RANGER HINO JO8E 2005 GTC4082KLV 828610-0002;828610-5002S
    12 KOBELCO SK350;KOBELCO TRUCK HINO J08E GT3271LS 764247-0001;764247-1;764247-5001;787846-0001;787846-1;787846-5001;787846-5001S
    13 HINO HINO EP100 (CX11) RHC7A-12001VAQ35NABRL603CB VD250021
    14 HITACHI EX300-1 UH12-7 HINO EP100(GX7) RHC7A-12004AQ35NABRL603CB VD250019
    15 HINO HINO EP100 RHC7A-12001VAQ35NABRL603CUB VE250047
    16 HINO HINO EF750J TB4104 24100-1341A
    17 HINO HINO K13C WH2D 3533261;3533262
    18 HINO HINO H07CT(CX98) RHC62-1183P20NABRLL5213CBZ VB240063
    19 HITACHI EX220-1;HITACHI SF110F HINO H06CT(CX35) RHC7A-11003AP23NFBRL557A VA250027
    20 HITACHI EX220-5 HINO H07CT(CXBE) RHC62-1183P24NFBRLL5213CBZ VA240084
    21 HITACHI EX270--1 EX220 HINO H06CT(CX37) RHC7A-11003AP23NFBRL5715C VA250029
    22 SUMITOMO SH200A3 HINO H06CT RHC7 24100-2170
    23 TOYOTA HINO N04C-TK GT2259LS 766237-0001;766237-1;766237-5001
    24 TOYOTA HINO N04C-TK GT2259LS 766237-0004;766237-4;766237-5004
    25 HINO VARIOUS HINO K-111(YF53) K13C (VX90) RHE8-14506Q30NABRL661CUAT VA740011;VC740011
    26 HINO HINO EF750T-2 TO4E 471064-0001;471064-1;471064-5001
    27 HINO HINO K13C WH2D 3533263
    28 HINO HINO H06CT (VX29) RHC7A-12002AP20NABRL557AZ VA250041
    29 HINO HINO N04C GT2259LS 732409-0021;732409-21;732409-5021
    31 HINO HINO P11C-T1 RHG6 17201-E0220
    32 HINO HINO P13C RHG6 17201-E0230
    33 HINO HINO P11C RHG6 24100-4480C
    35 HINO TRUCK HINO N04C 2004 168HP GT2259LS 732409-0042;732409-42;732409-5042
    36 HINO TRUCK HINO N04C 2004 168HP GT2259LS 732409-0024;732409-24;732409-5024
    37 HINO TRUCK HINO N04C 2004 168HP GT2259LS 732409-0012;732409-12;732409-5012
    38 HINO TRUCK H07CT HINO YF20(VX53) RHC62W-1183P20NABRLL5213CHBZ VA240039;VC240039;VD240039;VG240039;VH240039;VI240039
    39 HINO HINO P09CT RHC7 24100-2311
    40 HINO TRUCK ISUZU 6WF1-CT TD08H 49188-01813
    41 HINO TRUCK HINO EF750 TB4126 466430-0010;466430-10;466430-5010;466430-5010S
    42 HINO TRUCK HINO EF750 TB4126 466430-0009;466430-5009;466430-5009S;466430-9
    43 HINO VARIOUS HINO YF68(VX88) RHE7-12701Q35NABRL612CUAT VB730011;VD730011;VX88
    44 HINO HIGHWAY TRUCK HINO W04D 126HP GT2259L 786363-0004;786363-4;786363-5004;786363-5004S
    46 HINO HINO P09CTB RHC7CW-11004CQ30NMBRL5715CUC VE250066
    47 HINO YF67 HINO P11C;HINO TE1173E (VX89) RHE7-13601Q33NABRA612CUAT VA730012;VB730012;VC730012;VD730012;VX89
    48 HINO TRUCK HINO J08C-T(CXCU) RHE62 VC720060
    50 HINO VARIOUS HINO K-13C(YF92) K-3(VXAQ) RHE8-14201Q38NABRL661CUAT VA740016;VB740016
    51 HINO VARIOUS HINO K-13C(YF92) K-4(VXAR) RHE8-142131Q38NABRL661CUAT VB740015
    52 HINO TRUCK FB14 HINO W04CTI(VX18) RHC61B-574AP16NABRS432AZ NH160011;VA240023;VB240023;VE240023;VF240023
    53 HINO HINO H07CT(CXAX) RHC62-1183P24NFBRLL5213CBZ VA240081
    54 HINO VARIOUS HINO K-13C(YF92) RHE8 24100-3130A
    55 HINO EXCAVATOR NEWHOLAND E215B GT2259LS 761916-0012;761916-12;761916-5012
    56 HINO HINO P11C-T1 RHG6 17201-E0510
    57 HINO HINO P11C-T1 RHG6 17201-E0610
    58 HINO TRUCK H06CT HINO YF21(VX55) RHC62W-1183P17NABRLL5213CHBZ VA240041;VC240041;VD240041;VG240041;VI240041
    59 HINO HINO P11C(CXDK) RHG7 17201-E0480;CXDK;VA580024
    60 HINO TRUCK HINO W04 CTI 120HP K16-2464GGA5 82GAAVD 53169706408;5316-970-6408;53169886408;5316-988-6408
    62 HINO TRUCK HINO EB-N04C-UA GT2259LS 732409-0041;732409-41;732409-5041
    63 HINO TRUCK;TOYOTA COASTERS HINO N04C GT2259LS 732409-0040;732409-40;732409-5040
    64 HINO TRUCK PROFIA 700 EURO 3 HINO E13C-TN RHG8 24100-4223B
    65 HINO BUS HINO W04CT(VX75) RHC62W-943P14NABRLL506BZ VA240048;VB240048;VC240048
    66 HINO W04CT HINO W04CT(GX25) RHC61B-1182BP18NFBRS432A NH160015;VA240018
    67 HINO HINO W04CT(VX61) RHC61AW-574AP16NABRS432AZ VA240047;VB240047;VC240047
    68 HINO TRUCK HINO N04C GT2259LS 732409-0045;732409-45;732409-5045
    69 HINO HINO FC EURO 4 GT2263KLNV 779144-0023
    70 HINO HINO FC EURO 4 GT2263KLNV 779144-0019
    71 HINO HINO FC EURO 4 GT2263KLNV 783801-0029
    72 HINO HINO W04CT(CXAD) RHC61A-574P13NABRS432AZ VA240066
    73 HINO TRUCK HINO N04C GT2259LS 732409-0011;732409-11;732409-5011
    74 HINO HINO FC EURO 4 GT2263KLNV 847864-0001;847864-5001S
    75 HINO HINO FC EURO 4 GT22V 852179-0001;852179-5001S
    76 HINO BUS HINO GT3271S 750853-0001;750853-1;750853-5001
    77 HINO TRUCK HINO N04C GT2259LS 732409-0026;732409-26;732409-5026

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    Beijing JMX Development Machinery Co. ,Ltd

    Contact Person: Mrs. Linda Niu

    Tel: 86-10-87227998-8008

    Fax: 86-10-87227998-8005

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